DC:Helping Techies and Non-Techies Communicate and Cooperate

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I'd like to work in some conversation about tools that we've found useful in facilitating that communication. I'll be part of a workshop on developing good relationships with technology consultants during NTC, so that will likely inform this session as well. What are the questions you think we should be asking in this session?

For starters, here are notes from a similar session in May '05.


 I am still noodling a bit about the structure of this disucssion and 
 the questions I want to make sure we try to answer in it. My motto is 
 and will continue to be Assess, Assess, Ok? 
   * How do you ask questions that will elicit useful answers? 
   * How do you repeat your question if the answer wasn't useful?    
   * How can we recognize and be clear about when we are asking someone 
     to do us a favor and when we are doing them a favor?
 These are important questions for techies and non techies alike to consider. 
 We'll try to dig into them during the session.