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What is a Wiki? Please see:

Now that you have seen the video, think about how a wiki could improve coordination in your community. Imagine dozens or hundreds of "camping trips" which need to be well coordinated.

With examples like Wikipedia, we have seen how collaboration can happen and be efficient at a massive scale. But Wikis can be used for much more than building the "Biggest multilingual free-content encyclopedia on the Internet." Beyond documentation, using wikis for lightweight project management is more & more common. Most large companies have corporate Intranets and/or expensive commercial wiki systems. Companies invest because they see a return (better knowledge management, better communication, etc). Now, with open source wiki and groupware systems, even small non-profits can have access to innovative, efficient tools to enhance collaboration and participation.

Now, how can your community better leverage wiki philosophy and wiki technology? Come and discuss and share how Wikis can be useful to your projects.

Topics will include:

A-, and various wiki tools.

B- Wiki events (, WikiMania, etc)

C- Free / inexpensive hosted wiki farms (

References: "ONE/Northwest decided to use “wiki” software to power their intranet. A wiki is essentially a collaboratively built, content-rich Web site in which any participant can easily view or edit content."