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Special Sessions related to Grassroots Radio

These sessions have been proposed by the folks at KRUU-LP a community radio station in Fairfield, IA.

Roland Wells –

Sundar Raman –

KRUU-LP - 405 N. 2nd St., Fairfield, IA 52556 / 641-209-1083

  • Open Radio Discussion
    • Discussion Group for those using & interested in the use of Open Source Software in Radio
  • Web-based Open Source Community Building Tools (morning)
    • Using web-based community building tools to support your station operations.
  • Open Radio: Using Open Source tools to accomplish our Community Radio Mission.
    • A presentation of the open source tools KRUU-LP (of Fairfield, Iowa) uses in support of its Low Power, Listener Supported, Non-profit, Non-commercial, Open Source, Community Radio, Mission. KRUU-LP functions completely with Open Source software, this presentation features information on software used for: audio production, broadcast automation, internet streaming, office management, desktop machines, networking & server systems, fundraising, and content!
  • Practical Live Remotes: Open Source, COTS & Broadband
    • A practical workshop on setting up a Live Remote solution using Free Open source software and Inexpensive COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) hardware.
  • Open Audio Production: Multi-track audio production with open source software.
    • A practical workshop on using Ardor & Audacity as an “upgrade” to Pro-Tools or Soundforge. The workshop will cover the installation, configuration and use of Ardor & Audacity in audio production for radio broadcast. (with live streaming)
  • Live Streaming for your station: Setting up a live internet stream using open source software.
    • A practical workshop on setting-up an live internet stream using open source software and COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) hardware.

Other Sessions Discussed

  • Setting up community wifi using F/OSS (Ross Musselman, et al)
  • LiveCD (Ken Wyrick) - afternoon, speekgeeking
  • Demystifying the Linux Install Process: An overview (CSL folks)
  • Security for FOSS Users

Other session possible topics if passionate facilitators emerge

  • Hardware Recycling: The Role of Free and Open Source Software
    • Discussion on how FOSS has enables and inspires recycling operations, and explanation of the importance of hardware recycling in the Free and Open Source ecosystem.
  • Free and Open Source GIS/Mapping
    • "Geographic Information Systems" (GIS) offer a range of exciting real and potential applications for nonprofit programmatic needs. While great low-cost options include Google Maps and other non-FOSS frameworks, there are many open source mapserver-based applications that can be integrated into nonprofit program and operations work.

  • Making sense of FOSS licenses
  • Selecting an Operating System (could be folded into Linux desktop session)
  • Intro to eRiding
  • Supporting Open Source Software In Nonprofits (ONE/NW?)
  • Open source and disaster relief
  • Running Your FOSS Hosting Business
  • Using FOSS to win campaigns