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Who am I?

I own and run 7 Tech Northwest, a small consulting firm in Vancouver, WA (basically the Portland, OR area) that specializes in two Open Source Technologies, Plone and Asterisk. I am very committed to the concept and goals of the Open Source movement and spend time as an advocate, speaker, and trainer in both of these projects.

Plone is an Open Source Content Management System based on Zope. This technology is cross platform (read, can be run on just about any operating system out there) and works amazingly well out of the box (read, within a few minutes of installation.

Asterisk is an Open Source Telephony software platform that runs on the Linux Open Source operating system. This collection of software can be used to create a full featured phone system in the most traditional of senses, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system like you use when you call to check on your bank account balance, or a VOIP (Voice Over IP) service company and many more options.