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Raw notes:

What Should a Web Site Cost?

Opaque nature of cost

Fantasy: online resources – to be named whatshoulditcost.org

Website, meaning content-driven – primarliy text, image (vs Web app – piece of software running in your site; tabular data)

Earn the right to go to drupal and joomla from wordpress – a well-defined process. Wordpress has an uberrobust export single file to rebuild the site without a lot of hoohah – highly migratble, high value. Wordpress host migration wiki.

Is there a free website? Free as in kittens.

  • Wordpress.com – instant – 2 versions
    • You create your username
    • Pay them $14/year, have your own domain name at wordpress.com
    • Big mistake to not use your own domain
    • Route everything you can through your domain name – you can send to some other destination any time; if you go through their domain, they own you
    • $2/month - $25 register domain name, use wordpress.com
    • Limited - Cannot customize themes, Tiny set of plugins in wordpress.com – it's wordpress with training wheels
    • Can make it look professional, but not unique
  • Wordpress is the next step up – more control


  • rochen.com (hosting only; infrastructure) – expensive $10/month – the right commercial services – quality, uptime, tech support – over the top; specializes in joomla, drupal, wordpress; multiple service – also has a reseller interface; if you want to have more than one cpanel
  • Cpanel is a hosting environment (software that rochen makes available); proprietary but really good; a magical thing $8-25/month – state of the art hosting environment – any modern open source system; any numbers of email accounts; manage a universe of forwarders (with temp email, spam bounces back - revenge!); sub domains – cpanel hosting account; - miracle
  • social justice implications of who can manage domains - makes it so easy to manage domains – a revolution in that regard – under 300/yr
  • Free mentoring from Aspiration to do this
  • also
    • Design should be no more $2-3k for desiginaction
    • Quilted
    • Amymade.com – basic design because we love her; under $300
    • Riseup.net
    • Electric embers $40-50/month hosting, politically solid

How to switch from godaddy.com – scum; network solutions also evil

Numbers dump - If you contract the job out

  • hourly fees - $40-$120
    • radical design $120/hour;
    • $40/hour for web apps – gunner’s peeps
    • $75-90 is fair
    • $100-150 for web applications
  • $1k – really basic, no customization no tweaking – just help get installed, theme, navigation
  • Entry level nonprofit wordpress Drupal - $5-10k esp if need graphic – radical designs (outsources design to desiginaction); drupal under $15
  • If just posting images, with no design – should not be more than $10k
  • Ryan the joomla dude – sms crm solution for $5-15k picnet.net
  • For grassroot activists $5k is safe – if off the shelf, much less than 5k
  • Cost escalates with in interactive things – should still be under $20k
    • discussion forums; bad idea
    • mailing list okay with archives
    • ecommerce
    • donation space – networkforgood as long as you have a nonprofit ein – get the free version; they take out 2% (what visa takes out)
    • paypal sucks – absolutely corrupt org – convio not much better. google less scummy; requires sign in, so drop off in donations
  • Civicrm good, but still very first generation;
  • Salesforce.com $20-30k to customize – proprietary

integration and migration from legacy – crazy money