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  • learn about best practices surrounding security
  • best practice in client side encription
  • what hardware to people under surveilance needs to communicate – hardware option pros & cons
  • how to create ways to communitcate securely – maintain dialogue with people under surveillance


  • how secure is the could – how to increase security while giving access
  • how do we build another cloud
  • can NSTIC (national strategy 4 trusted identities in cyberspace) work for us?
  • how can I use the cloud securely?

Licenses & Rights

  • copyright? Copyleft? Copy WHAT?
  • how/when to use open licenses, creative commons?
  • Do digital rights mean anything?


  • what are the best tools for non-technical users to reach mobile users?
  • how can we create open source tools for mobile?

Open Alternatives

  • what are open alternatives to google? (gmail, search, docs)
  • outsourcing module it would it?
  • whats an alternative to MS sharepoint?
  • open source tools for online advocacy (signing petitions)

NPO Choosing Software

  • what are the most successful open source products for non-profits for neophytes to open source?
  • what mgt platform(s) are emerging that NGO's & NPO's should know about (this year) for integration?
  • Are there open source fundraising tools? Management (database)
  • Non-profits need tech funds – how to learn about funders & get tech grant—writing help


  • what CRM should I use?
  • what other opportunity are there for NPOs to convene with tech – capable people?
  • how much time will it really take to customize an open source CRM to meet our needs?
  • An overview of open source CRM software options

Upgrades, Management of Tech Options

  • whats a good open source project mgmt program?
  • best pratices for used for tech internal processes/
  • how do you filter all the information out there to find the best practices to achieve the end goals?
  • best way of updating technology
  • I would like to discuss engagement/recruitment strategies for open-source projects
  • best practices for OS upgrades is) v 5.3- 5.7


  • how can I navigate thru the sea of information about wordpress to be able to find the features I need?
  • what is wordpress not the right plateform
  • learn about how to extend and customize wordpress beyond the one-click install
  • wordpress and standardised themes across platform esp. chrome compatability
  • how do you move away from professional wp website developed fly free – upgrade, maintain


  • comparing the different content management platforms
  • what are best practices for CMS & CRM integration
  • what are the incentives for migrating from one OS CMS or LMS to another?


  • any open source gaming platforms?


  • How to integrate communication channels
  • sharing stories about how opensource is being used in social justice circles
  • help navigate the rate of change in version conversion for open source software
  • how can open source software advance accessibility & physical challenges, financial, language, challenge, hardware?

Expanding the Community

  • what workds in getting others to adopt open source software.
  • what software is available for community building?
  • how do we bridge the skepticism of low-income communities?
  • how can you intelligently leverage open source software in public computer centers
  • how do we build more physical spaces to continue these conversations consistently?

Digital Divide

  • what is needed to make open source products available across the digital divide: literacy, hardware, software, etc.
  • how to find out about nonprofit tech projects? Websites/ places to connect
  • need to learn programming but dont know where to start?
  • how do we build more user communities to capture feedback from people who can't code?
  • how can we facilitate more beginner communities in the open source world?
  • how do we bring together open source nerds and residents of low-income housing communities for world peace.