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Share a Link!

Use this page to share links that other participants will find useful. Please share what you know!

And please add links even if you think "everyone knows them"!

Links is the Open-Source Cotnent Management Foundation, the neutral listing of content management. is the Asterisk digital PBX and telephony software you can use to build your phone system. is the home of the Free Software Foundation, the folks who brought you the GNU General Public License (GPL)--check it out!

NOSI works to bridge the gap between the nonprofit and open source communities.


Midgard - RobertGuerra recommends this content management system (CMS) . A bit harder to install, but with good support and active IRC channel.

Request Tracker - RT is an open source ticketing system which enables a group of people to intelligently and efficiently manage tasks, issues, and requests submitted by a community of users.

Social Tools - Do-it-yourself collective groupware hosting. They have a great Wiki too

This is a site that allows you to post computer parts you would like to give away, or list your wish list for computer parts. It is free. is the New York Plone / Zope Users Group.

Here are the free and open source Windows programs I use frequently, and the programs they replace. I administer about 55 Windows computers, 18 of which are in Washington DC and I'm in NYC.

Mozilla Firefox - Replaces Internet Explorer. Note that I don't have this deployed on all users' computers, since there's no centralized mechanism for patching yet. I expect this to change in the next 12 months. Also works on Mac and Linux.

UltraVNC - Replaces PCAnywhere, Remotely Possible, or any other, "Eek, you took over my computer from 300 miles away!"-type program. I have this on every machine, and I couldn't administer the DC office without it. Compatible with regular VNC, which works on Mac and Linux.

7-Zip - Replaces Winzip. A little rough around the edges, but improving quickly, and good enough to use.

GIMP for Windows - Replaces Photoshop. If you use Photoshop every day, this probably won't replace it, but it's great for occasional use. Linux version available, not sure about Mac.

VideoLan - Replaces Windows Media Player. It's a media player without the crap. Linux and Mac versions available.

Nvu - "N-view" - Replaces Dreamweaver/FrontPage/Homesite. A free program to help you make and edit web pages. Mac and Linux versions available.

Azureus - If you need to use Bittorrent, this is the easiest way. It's written in Java, so it works on Mac and Linux.

Audioscrobbler - There's no equivalent non-free program. This is more of a "fun" one - it's a plugin for most popular music players (Winamp, iTunes, etc.) that tracks what music you like, then compares to other users to suggest new artists to you. It's open source and fun and clever.

Filezilla - Replaces WS_FTP, Bulletproof FTP, CuteFTP, or whatever other program you're using if you need to do FTP. Windows only, I believe. There's also a Filezilla FTP server that I like.

Other programs I intend to try out soon include OpenOffice (but you heard all about this at Penguin Day!) to replace Microsoft Office, ClamWin for antivirus, and an open-source PDF-creating utility.

I also use Postfix/Spamassassin at the server level on a mail gateway, so I have a Free/Open Source anti-spam solution even though I run Exchange Server. I don't have the address for directions right now, but I'll try to post them soon. There are excellent step-by-step instructions that bring you from beginning to end, even if you don't know a thing about Linux or have never installed Linux before.