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If you're new to Wikis, the basics you need to know about using the wiki are:

  • A Wiki is a web site which can be collaboratively edited by all users. See Wikipedia for a complete introduction.
  • Feel free to click around this Penguin Day wiki and get used to things
  • You can edit any page, and are strongly encouraged to do so!
    • You will need to create an account, which you can do by clicking on "create account" in the upper right corner of any page
  • To edit a page, click on the "Edit" link near the top of the page.
    • When you are editing a page, the current content of that page is displayed as editable text. You can make modifications, and then click either the Show Preview button, to simply preview how the edited page will look, or click the Save page button, to actually save your edits so that others may view them.
  • To create hyperlinks to other pages in the wiki you bracket the desired link term in square brackets.
    • To make "Another Page" be a link to a new page associated with that term, put double square brackets around it while editing the current page content
    • Let's say you want to create a page about "Your Open Source Project". Enter the following:

[ [ Your Open Source Project ] ]

    • Note that there are spaces in between the brackets (so Mediawiki won't process them); in reality there should be no spaces
    • Save the page
    • The saved page will display the text as a link, like Your Open Source Project. Click on the link to edit the page to which the term is now linked.
  • Please see the MediaWiki User's Guide for complete usage and configuration help.